Sandwich Panel (2)

Façades, Sandwich Panel

Architecture is changing skin: ADDMIRA, the envelopes of the future

Marco Imperadori 12 Nov, 2021

Sandwich Panel, Certifications

Environmental sustainability measured with the most widespread rating systems

Sandwich Panel

Off-site redevelopment: a new challenge for european construction

Façades, Sandwich Panel, Dry construction

The ideal solution for performing and customisable facades.

Façades, Sandwich Panel, Thermal insulation

ADDWIND, the ventilated facade of the ADDMIRA range

Sandwich Panel

Leaf sandwich panels, advantages at the worksite and beyond

Sandwich Panel, Thermal insulation

Why apply sandwich panels to your building

Sandwich Panel, Dry construction

Cement or steel? Comparing dissimilar things

Sandwich Panel, Dry construction

Dry assembly techniques: a new building paradigm

Marco Imperadori 8 Jul, 2019

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