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Sandwich Panel

Isodomus Panel for Faux Tiled Roofs

A technological solution for waterproof roofs, performing in terms of thermal insulation, as beautiful and elegant as a traditional tiled roof. The insulated panel Isodomus by Isopan represents this ...

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Cesare Arvetti - Research & Development Department

19 Apr, 2022

YACademy & competitions

The GOLD Mentions of the Ghana Innovation Farm contest reward Manni Group’s dry technologies

The four Gold mentions of the Manni Group Design Award, the international architecture contest which this year will focus on the cold chain in Ghana, have been awarded.

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Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group

28 Mar, 2022

YACademy & competitions

Ghana Innovation Farm: the winners of the 3rd Manni Group Design Award

Manni Group announces the winners of the Manni Group Design Award 2021, which rewards the latest trends in dry construction at the service of the cold chain in Africa. Three young teams on the podium ...

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Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group

17 Mar, 2022

Dry construction, Manni Green Tech

Capsule multi-function module and off-site constructions: strong points

The need to increase the living space inside existing buildings is the challenge that designers and architects are called to tackle today.

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Alessandra Bellutti - Marketing and Technical Manager - Manni Green Tech srl

15 Dec, 2021



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