Isodomus, Innovation and Tradition in One Insulated Panel

Sandwich Panel

Isodomus Panel for Faux Tiled Roofs

19 Apr, 2022

A technological solution for waterproof roofs, performing in terms of thermal insulation, as beautiful and elegant as a traditional tiled roof. The insulated panel Isodomus by Isopan represents this synthesis between innovation and tradition.


Traditional or efficient roofing?

In Italy, the roofing of residential buildings is dominated by the use of tiles. The spread of these materials throughout history has contributed significantly to the creation of the idea of the traditional roof that has survived to the present day, particularly in rural areas subject to landscape regulations and in historic centres.

Given the need to protect indoor environments from the weather, building roofs should be designed by carefully choosing the materials to be used according to the expected energy performance and, of course, taking into account the architectural context.

The roofing solution has an impact on the environmental microclimate, contributing to the well-being of the inhabitants. Furthermore, depending on the insulating capacity of the materials used, it can also lead to energy savings, increasing the energy efficiency of the building.


Sandwich panels for highly insulated roofs

A safe, high-performance and elegant roof? It is possible thanks to innovative solutions that combine excellent performance, durability and the timeless beauty of roof tiles.

The use of sandwich panels, such as Isodomus, also allows for simplified construction thanks to the assembly system designed by Isopan for professional roofing.

The solutions proposed by the Manni Group are designed to suit residential, agricultural or industrial buildings that must respond to a precise design choice, without sacrificing the insulating capacity offered by the best materials available on the market.



Isodomus, contemporary needs with a classic look

Sandwich panels ensure the reduction of heat loss and can be sized to achieve the right degree of insulation for the environmental conditions of the building and the performance required by the project. Therefore, from a technological point of view they are an optimal solution.

From the point of view of aesthetic impact, in the past, the use of these insulated panels clashed with their adaptability. Their modern, industrial, minimalist appearance lent itself to enhancing the design of buildings with a strong contemporary personality.

With Isodomus, the expressive freedom of sandwich panels is extended to all buildings, even those located in contexts with landscape constraints. These elements are designed for roofs with a high coefficient of thermal insulation combined with the elegance of timeless traditional forms.


The roof with sandwich panels, beautiful and high-performanceIl tetto con i pannelli sandwich, bello e performante

Isopan insulated panels make it possible to create a roof that meets the growing need for energy saving. The structure of the stratigraphy includes polyurethane foam, an insulating material with excellent performance and low weight.

Whether made of wood, metal or concrete, the roof can be completed with a continuous surface of Isodomus panels. Lightweight, waterproof, safe, durable and easy to install, the single-sheet version is very cost-effective and can be applied to any roof structure.

The upper layer of sheet metal has a design that reproduces the classic appearance of tiles and is available in galvanised steel or aluminium, pre-painted. The colours available are reminiscent of traditional roofing, but the assembly system and the characteristics of Isopan's insulated panels offer performance that is anything but traditional.


Isodomus, the evolution of the roofing panel

In fact, sandwich panels have intrinsic characteristics that bring considerable advantages to site management. The great lightness means that the support structure can also be lighter and less subject to stress. This can lead to savings in construction costs.

The installation of Isodomus is also designed to reduce construction time and increase precision of execution, with benefits for the insulation capacity and acoustic performance of the roof itself.

The possibility of constructing the roof with larger elements than tiles adds the advantage of reducing the number of joints and overlaps, making the surface safer from the risk of infiltration.

With Isodomus you can add the aesthetic value of a traditional tiled roof to your roof, find out more about this product:


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Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan
Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan

Francesco Corona is an architect, a specialist in complex free-form building envelope solutions. It has been present in the sustainable building market since 2006 and currently acts as coordinator for the promotion of Isopan high performance systems for architecture.

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