ADDCross: The first pre-finished dry cladding. The ideal solution for performing and customisable facades.

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The ideal solution for performing and customisable facades.

11 Oct, 2021

Created to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, the ADDMIRA range fulfils the most modern requests in terms of design and performance

Its strength lies in the ability to combine the excellent insulating performance of sandwich panels with cladding for facades characterised by great architectural and material flexibility.

The load-bearing element of the ADDCross system is the insulating sandwich panel with polyurethane or rock wool mass. Isopan's product offers unique characteristics that guarantee maximum efficiency to the facades for every type of building: from industrial to residential constructions

In a single system:

  • Thermal insulation: Isopan sandwich panels offer excellent thermal insulation performance by exploiting LEAFtechnology and latest generation materials that considerably limit heat loss;
  • Sound insulation: external sounds are filtered with great efficacy, isolating the structure from the surrounding environment. This makes ADDMIRA panels also suitable for constructions close to busy roads;
  • Fire protection: the chemical composition of the materials used for Isopan sandwich panels is designed to offer excellent protection in case of fire;
  • Resistance to atmospheric agents: the external claddings are made with high quality metals carefully selected by Isopan. The skins have specific treatments that guarantee the highest degree of protection against wind and rain;
  • An impressive appearance: the infinite possibilities of customisation of finishes and colours offer great stylistic freedom, applicable to all sorts of designs.

ADDCross system: the prèt a porter of construction

ADDCross is a system consisting of Isopan sandwich panels combined with an enhancing skin, made of stoneware, composite, paints or films designed to guarantee durability and colour stability.

Based on an idea by ​​Isopan, the first of the claddings to be implemented and marketed is stoneware ADDCross, developed in partnership with:

KERLITE: the thin stoneware of Cotto D’Este, which provides the external cladding of ADDCross with large ultra-thin slabs featuring a thickness of 3.5 and 5.5 mm and over 40 types of finishes.

MAPEI: Leader in the production of adhesives, sealants and chemicals for construction. It provides the system with a bonding solution specifically designed for ADDCross. Over time, it guarantees the bonding of the cladding to the panel, even in the most extreme conditions.

EJOT: Ranking top in the world in the sector of fastening technologies, it guarantees the fastening of the ADDCross system in the face of wind gusts and depressions even in the most extreme conditions 

ADDCross: flexible solutions for architecture

ADDCross was created with the intention of offering the world of architectural design maximum adaptability, with a range of solutions that distinguish the creative and design possibilities in accordance with the performance needs of each individual project. 

The core of the ADDCross system is the Isopan panel, proposed here in the Leaf polyurethane solution, to offer maximum performance, best transmittances in relation to thickness, with fire reaction class Bs1d0. 

All the elements of the system are assembled «dry» on site and the adhesive parts are pre-assembled in the factory (Off-Site) through certified and guaranteed processing chains with controlled temperature and humidity ranges, without any of the dust from the processing stages of the materials.

Thanks to its rapid installation, the ADDCross system is suitable for new buildings and for the redevelopment of existing buildings with dry technique In fact, on flat surfaces without holes, it is able to reach a yield of up to 50-60 m2/day per work team. 

The benefits offered by the ADDCross system are the following:

  • Overcoming architectural limitations: the architectural flexibility of the ADDCross façade system can be seen directly in the design phase, offering designers a valid tool for creating modern and high-impact looks;
  • Off-site pre-assembly: in order to minimise on-site operations and offer the highest quality, all the elements of the ADDCross system are pre-assembled directly in the Isopan factories. 
  • Quick installation: off-site assembly meets a male-female coupling system with watertight gasket that offers easy application through dry installation. This drastically reduces the installation time of the facades and allows you to work safely even in adverse weather conditions.

All of these characteristics go hand in hand with the excellent performance guaranteed by the polyurethane foamsdeveloped by Isopan

High level performance and eco-sustainability

The primary objective of a facade system is to protect the building externally while preserving the external structure.

ADDCross panels perform this task very effectively by exploiting their internal mass of latest generation polyurethane. This offers great advantages to the customer, including:

  • Thermal efficiency: the insulating effectiveness of ADDCross panels applies to all seasons. By reducing heat loss, in the summer you will have cooler temperatures indoors while the heat of the structure will be preserved in winter;
  • Reduced consumption: the greater thermal efficiency has a direct impact on the structure’s energy consumption. This is due to a less intensive use of air conditioning systems, aided by a significantly reduced temperature range;
  • Eco-sustainability: the LEAF technology of Isopan polyurethane panels boosts performance and bases all of its efficiency to the use of low environmental impact materials certified by the Declare label. In addition, the panels can obtain the voluntary EPD certification (Environmental Product Declaration) regarding the life cycle of products, and BREEAM certification, an international standard that measures the efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

These characteristics are reflected in the higher quality of the final project, offering great value to the entire structure

Aesthetics and efficiency: ADDCross cladding

ADDCross includes customisable types of solutions, to offer systems that can be adapted to any project. In particular, thanks to its performance and aesthetic-related characteristics, it is an excellent solution in the world of Retrofitting.

The main feature of the ADDCross system is the application of an external skin, completely customisable by the customer, on the panels. 

Isopan has chosen the best materials for its products, combining great resistance with one-of-a-kind aesthetic qualities.

To fulfil the needs of every type of structure, ADDCROSS cladding can adapt to any type of structure and, in addition to important aesthetic characteristics, provide great resistance to atmospheric phenomena.

Below is a list of available materials:

Gres Skin

A cladding made with a fine layer of Porcelain stoneware. The reduced thickness of this skin translates into very easy installation and handling. 

Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, it allows you to create interesting plays of light by simulating different natural materials such as wood and natural stones. The yield over time is guaranteed by the excellent colour stability of the Porcelain stoneware, thanks to the experience of Cotto d'Este, which produces Kerlite, the exclusive and innovative porcelain stoneware, in large ultra-thin slabs featuring a thickness of 3.5 and 5.5. mm.

Natural Skin

This variant exploits the technical and aesthetic properties of natural stone. Based on a thin layer of stone, this cladding offers great resistance performance, built in Slate or Quartzite. 

One of a kind, it benefits from the unpredictable beauty of nature by exploiting the natural grain and colour variations of the stone.

Cork Skin

Remaining on the topic of biological materials, this cladding exploits the excellent properties of cork offering great thermal insulation and waterproofing performance by replacing the bituminous sheaths. 

It is based on a mixture of cork and environmentally-friendly water-based resins designed to eliminate any problem, including the formation of micro flaking or micro cracking, restoring a smooth and regular surface.

Concrete Skin

Solid and resistant to everything, this cladding owes all of its strength to the use of Portland Cement slabs autoclaved with the same treatment used to create load-bearing structures. 

Generally used for curtain walls or facades with exposed joints, this material offers a very high degree of fire protection;


This coating is based on a mixture of 30% thermosetting resins reinforced with 70% cellulose fibre. The strong high temperature compression during production gives these panels compactness and great solidity

The external surface is non-porous and particularly resistant to vandalism, offering the possibility of easily removing dirt and graffiti. The In-HPL coating is available in different colours and finishes and can be completed with customised prints through the Isopan INDIVIDUAL program;

Syntetic Skin

An essential cladding based on a series of synthetic films applied directly to the metal sheet of the panel. 

This offers excellent protection against chemical agents by limiting metal corrosion. Available in a broad variety of colours, it can also be applied to smaller facades.

Are you looking for a solution of high aesthetic impact for the facades of your project? 

Discover Isopan's ADDMIRA range and make the most of the performance of sandwich panels to make your building more efficient.


Written by

Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan
Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan

Francesco Corona is an architect, a specialist in complex free-form building envelope solutions. It has been present in the sustainable building market since 2006 and currently acts as coordinator for the promotion of Isopan high performance systems for architecture.

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