Revamping of 750 kW rooftop plant

Revamping of 750 kW rooftop plant

9 Aug, 2022

Location: Bergamo, Italy
System: 750 kWp rooftop photovoltaic system
Service: Revamping of the inverter fleet with the replacement of 7 x 110 kW inverters

Investing in revamping by renewing the inverter fleet increases the energy production and profitability of the photovoltaic system.


Manni Energy was contacted for the rewiring of a 750 kWp photovoltaic system built in 2010 on the roofing of an industrial warehouse.

Manni Energy's technicians, as is standard practice when approaching revamps of plants, especially older ones, analysed the entire plant and assessed the most cost-effective solution in terms of return on investment.

From the analysis of the existing configuration, characterised by centralised inverters far away from the delivery cabin, which required long cable runs that generated power losses on the way, Manni Energy designed an optimisation of the cabling at the same time as replacing the old inverters to switch from a centralised to a string architecture.


The intervention resulted in significant savings in terms of material, the installation of new and more reliable inverters, ensuring a new and long-lasting life for the plant and a substantial increase in production.

In the four-month period after the intervention, the plant's production increased from 154,450 kWh in 2021 (pre-revamping) to 185,790 kWh in 2021, thus increasing by more than 20% after the rehabilitation.

Our services

Manni Energy is Manni Group's energy transition company, specialising in the provision of O&M services for medium and large-scale photovoltaic plants.

Manni Energy's in-depth knowledge of the Italian O&M sector and technology enables it to guarantee the highest quality of plant management, as well as the ability to diagnose and resolve complex anomalies and events.

Manni Energy provides a turnkey revamping service assisting plant owners not only in the technical design and execution of interventions, but also in the selection of the best solution based on the authorisation, economic and financial implications of the intervention.

For information: – +39 045 8088911

Project Partner: Sungrow Italy

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Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group
Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group

Raffaele, Digital Marketing Expert of Manni Group, works in synergy with Isopan, gaining insight into the technical world of sandwich panels and keeping pace with the latest trends in the building industry. Thanks to his training in Architecture, he has a keen eye for online topics and activities involving designers and architects.

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