Recovering the building heritage with the PNRR

Thermal insulation

Recovering the building heritage with the PNRR

Created as a response to the economic crisis generated by the Covid 19 pandemic, the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “Italy Tomorrow” (PNRR) identified the recovery of Italy's building heritage and energy efficiency as one of the main drivers of the country's economic recovery.

With a building heritage largely dating back to the period between 1945 and 1969, renovation, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, earthquake-proof adaptation and improvement of energy performance, is a great opportunity for growth and gain for the many productive sectors involved in the building industry.

In compliance with European legislation concerning EU guidelines and targets on consumption reduction in residential and commercial buildings and the widespread use of renewable energy sources, as expressed in the document A Rrenovation Wave Strategy for Europe and as an extension of the Ecobonus introduced with It. Legislative Decree no. 83 of 22 June 2012, the L.D. Relaunch, No. 34/2020, provides for the so-called 110% Bonus, established to cover the expenses necessary for the above-mentioned interventions in private buildings and apartment buildings.

The interventions covered by the decree concern:

  • Replacement of winter/summer air conditioning and hot water systems;
  • Insulation of the building enclosure;
  • Windows, fixtures and shading;
  • Building automation systems;
  • General energy requalification of the building.

For a more in-depth look at the economic-fiscal aspect, we refer to the document Guide Decree Relaunch 2021, which lists all the types of intervention on buildings for which the 110% Bonus is intended.

Manni Group, which has always been attentive to the issues of sustainability and building innovation in order to ensure greater environmental comfort and the reduction of costs and environmental impact for energy requirements, through its branches Manni Energy, Isopan and Manni Green Tech is able to intervene with know-how, qualified technicians, means and products to promote energy transition and building enhancement.

Manni Energy is focused on Energy Efficiency

Manni Energy directly and with the support of a qualified system of partners represents the unique interlocutor to promote the energy transition, both in the tertiary sector and in industry and logistics/large-scale distribution, with a complete offer that, starting from a tailor-made analysis of needs, proposes a path towards decarbonisation and consequent energy/environmental resilience, also following its execution.

In its service and product offerings, there are many themes consistent with the PNRR, in particular:

  • realisation of photovoltaic plants also in Argivoltaic and Solar Belt logic
  • implementation of energy efficiency measures in production and auxiliary plants
  • development of energy sharing systems such as Renewable Energy Communities;
  • development of infrastructures to charge electric vehicles;
  • implementation of industrial and building energy automation systems;
  • complex consumption monitoring systems;
    energy and environmental certifications and support for obtaining tax deductions and incentives.

Isopan: sandwich panels with high insulation performance

The Isopan product range establishes itself as the best solution for the energy efficiency of every component (walls, structure and roofing) of the building to be renovated, guaranteeing the objective of exceeding the double jump in class required for access to the 110% Superbonus deductions.

For the building enclosure, the Addcross, Addvision and Addwind range makes it possible, if the renovation or restoration involves more than 10% of the gross dispersing surface of the walls facing the street or public thoroughfare, to obtain the façade bonus.

For roofs, both pitched and flat roofs, with the Isofire Roof, Isocop and Isodomus range. In addition to offering exceptional thermal insulation capabilities, the latter panels have an external finish that faithfully reproduces the conformation of a traditional tile roof. The guarantee, therefore, of being able to use high-performance products even in historical centres, with the advantage of eliminating the expense of laying tiles or roof tiles.

A further element to be taken into account for roofing is the possibility offered by the Green Roof system. The advantages of green roofs are increasingly perceived and appreciated, thanks to the benefits they bring to the building itself (contribution to winter insulation, mitigation of summer temperatures, mitigation of rainwater runoff and aesthetic improvement of the building), and to the urban environment (reduction of the heat island phenomenon, reduction of air pollution with control of dust and improvement of urban decorum).

Isopan panels, for both the external enclosure and the roofing, can be manufactured using LEAF technology, which allows a reduction of up to 20% in heat loss for the same thickness.

Manni Green Tech, dry construction systems

With the Light Steel Frame system, the modern evolution in cold-preformed light steel of dry construction systems, Manni Green Tech offers the ideal solution in the case of demolition and reconstruction and/or partial reconstruction, for the purposes of anti-seismic upgrading provided for by the Ecobonus 80%-85% and extended by the Sismabonus 110%.

The use of Manni Green Tech's Light Steel Frame system enables a significant reduction in construction time and associated costs. With dry construction systems, construction times are drastically reduced, with an appreciable reduction in costs resulting from the fact that, unlike the brick-concrete construction system, here there is no need to use water; a 'clean' building site, therefore, that does not require the use of concrete, concrete mixers, etc. These advantages are shared with the Isopan insulation system, in which the panels are fastened with screws, and the panels are joined using joints that ensure a perfect seal against atmospheric agents.

Manni Group, through Manni Energy, Isopan and Manni Green Tech, is the ideal partner:

  • for clients, who see the works envisaged by the 110% Bonus carried out quickly, at certain costs and with the use of state-of-the-art building systems and materials in terms of thermal insulation, anti-seismic adaptation and the production of clean electricity. This guarantees a high level of environmental comfort

  • for contractors, who achieve a reduction in construction time and related costs through the use of the most modern and high-performance dry construction systems;

  • for architects, engineers and site technicians, who can take advantage of the Manni Group's know-how and experience in a construction technology that is destined to grow over time and occupy an ever-widening niche in the market, thanks to the reliability of Manni Energy, Isopan and Manni Green Tech products and their high performance in terms of quality of living, simplicity in site management and short intervention times.

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Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group
Raffaele Bulgarelli - Digital Marketing Expert at Manni Group

Raffaele, Digital Marketing Expert of Manni Group, works in synergy with Isopan, gaining insight into the technical world of sandwich panels and keeping pace with the latest trends in the building industry. Thanks to his training in Architecture, he has a keen eye for online topics and activities involving designers and architects.

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