What are the benefits of the PVSteel system for flat roofs?


What are the benefits of the PVSteel system for flat roofs?

8 Sep, 2021

The flat roof is a roofing system for buildings rich in potential, such that in recent years it has gained popularity in modern urban planning, but has not yet been implemented on a large scale.

Until recently, flat roofs were generally considered to be a secondary choice compared to sloping ones, as they presented problems related to waterproofing, wear and they offer less performance from a static point of view. 

Today, also thanks to technological development, we have realised how essential the benefits that a flat roof can offer are, to such a point that any contraindications are negligible.

If designed and built with due expertise, flat roofs open the door to solutions for very relevant urban problems, such as:

  • The environmental impact and heat islands;
  • The cost of controlling the temperature of the buildings;
  • The aesthetics of the town environment;
  • The need to exploit the spaces;
  • The spread of particulate.

An accurate design of the roof and its various components is essential for it to duly fulfil its purpose of waterproofing and offering thermal and acoustic insulation. 

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of a flat roof.


What are the benefits of a flat roof

The flat roof offers many benefits, with the three main ones being: 

  1. Improved bio-climate and environmental impact (heat islands);
  2. Making it possible to use spaces that were hitherto unused;
  3. Thermal insulation and energy savings.

Although they are called flat, this type of roof is slightly sloped, between 1% and 5%, in order to drain rainwater and prevent pooling. If we create a green roof, water can become a precious resource as up to 80% of it can be recovered for the irrigation of the roof itself.

An example of how the flat roof can become a “living and liveable” place could be the GreenROOF, co-engineered ISOPAN-DAKU i.e. a Green Roof.

Another important point is the insulation of the structure, an aspect that can be significantly affected by the application of a flat roof.

Nowadays, about 30% of greenhouse gases are produced by buildings, for heating or cooling the rooms inside. Given the estimated growth of cities in the near future, a solution with a positive effect on the ecological footprint of buildings is crucial. 

Of the many solutions that a flat roof offers to minimise this issue, one is that of cool roofs. These roofs make it possible to improve the energy efficiency of the building, as they reduce the impact of sunlight on the structure and consequently limit the costs of heating or cooling.

To create a flat roof that can fulfil these possibilities, it is necessary to use the right solutions. Isodeck PVSteelhas been specifically designed to achieve this goal.

Let’s have a closer look into what Isodek PVSteel is and what the advantages of its application are.


What is PVSteel: a closer look at Isodeck PVSteel

Isodeck PVSteel is a sandwich panel specially designed to fully exploit all of the potential of flat roofs. 

It consists of a double sheet, the internal corrugated sheet, while the external flat sheet is pre-coupled to a synthetic PVC or TPO membrane. Insulation can be built with Polyurethane or Mineral Wool depending on the performance it must fulfil. The first has an exceptional insulating capacity, while the second offers high safety and fire resistance.

The main advantages that it offers are:

  • High thermal insulation;
  • Impermeability and resistance to UV rays;
  • It is one of the construction bases of the GreenROOF solution.

Isodeck PVSteel is therefore a 100% waterproof roof capable of contributing hugely to the thermal regulation of the building. Its resistance to UV rays and chemical agents makes it a lasting investment, which therefore promises both a recovery of costs over time, and a low environmental impact.

Isodeck PVSteel is a system that offers benefits, as it has a very high S.R.I. (114%) which classifies it as a cool roof and is also the starting point for the installation of the GreenROOF solution. 

The GreenROOF system offers two different solutions depending on the customer’s performance needs, which are:

  • Extensive green, suitable for large surfaces and requiring very little maintenance;
  • Intensive green, suitable for the cultivation of an urban garden or the creation of a green area.

The use of a green roof enhances the architectural appearance and the functionality of the available areas. Consequently, it acts as a strong distinctive and value-enhancing element of the property.

Do you think that Isodeck PVSteel could be the right flat roof for your project? Contact us, and we can turn your idea into reality.


Written by

Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan
Francesco Corona - Technical Sales Manager Isopan

Francesco Corona is an architect, a specialist in complex free-form building envelope solutions. It has been present in the sustainable building market since 2006 and currently acts as coordinator for the promotion of Isopan high performance systems for architecture.

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