The freshness Hub - Conad in the Tyrrhenian area: a more efficient, safe and sustainable logistics centre

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The freshness Hub - Conad in the Tyrrhenian area: a more efficient, safe and sustainable logistics centre

21 Jan, 2020

A total surface of 18,300 sq.m., of which over 15,000 dedicated to the preservation of fruit and vegetables, meats, fish, and dairy products: the Conad distribution centre (Ce.di) in the Tyrrhenian area is one of the most interesting Italian projects in the sector of cold chain logistics.

What makes the Conad Ce.di. in the Tyrrhenian area one of its kind is the great attention paid to the optimisation of the distribution chain, which, when fully operational, boasts a handling capacity of 24 million parcels, as well as to energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. The team of professionals supporting Conad in the development of the logistics platform in fact introduced numerous innovations at design level that ensure absolute temperature control from 0 °C to -24 °C in the various areas of the structure.

Increased internal temperature control means a reduced expenditure of resources: the production of cold is the most energy-consuming activity for the companies of the sector. An improvement of the insulation performance of spaces entails lower energy consumption, with consequent reduction of costs and of the environmental impact of CO2 production.


What measures should be taken to guarantee optimal insulation and the best energy performance?

Ugo Baldi, CEO of Conad in the Tyrrhenian area explains the value that this project added to the entire Conad system.

Ugo Baldi Conad Tirreno Isopan Celle frigo

Ugo Baldi, CEO of Conad in the Tyrrhenian Area

“With this project we have confirmed the commitment towards our customers in terms of price and efficiency, and towards the local area, in terms of environmental and economic benefits. A strong commitment in line with quality and innovation targets, which are the cornerstones of our development strategy, as well as the conditions for medium and long-term economic growth. Today we offer more guarantees and a better service to an increasing number of stores and we have also rebalanced our strength through more efficient logistics, laying the foundations for future development.”

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Cesare Arvetti - Research & Development Department
Cesare Arvetti - Research & Development Department

Isopan expert with more than 10 years’ experience in the dry construction sector. Architect Cesare Arvetti supports leading architectural and design studios to identify the solutions that are best suited to the needs of individual projects.

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