ADDMIRA technological system for cladding external walls, how it works

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ADDMIRA technological system for cladding external walls, how it works

18 Nov, 2021

The Isopan ADDMIRA range was developed with the aim of proposing solutions that go beyond the classic standards of industrial construction by uniting the most recent architectural and stylistic philosophies. 

To do this, Isopan combined the thermal insulation and weather protection performance of its renowned sandwich panels, creating an efficient facade system capable of respecting contemporary architectural needs.

These solutions are increasingly required in every sector: from industry to public construction. The trend is to design buildings with great aesthetic impact capable of adapting to the urban context with an appealing and modern look. 

ADDMIRA responds to these needs by proposing systems for external facades that make customisation their strong point. All without compromising on thermo-acoustic insulation and sustainability.

All the products in the ADDMIRA range are characterised by rapid installation based on long-lasting and mainly dry installation systems. This is combined with the possibility of adapting to contemporary designs, through a structure that offers great freedom, taking advantage of great architectural flexibility.

The ADDVision range brings together the most industrial solutions of ADDMIRA offering polyurethane or rock wool sandwich panels characterised by the great lightness of the elements and numerous customisation possibilities, making it a tailored product.

Let's look at all the features of ADDVision and how it can help improve a building both from an aesthetic and a structural point of view.

ADDVision: great performance for the insulation of buildings

One of the fundamental characteristics of a good sandwich panel is its ability to thermally and acoustically insulate the internal environments of a building from the external environment. 

The ADDVision range implements all of Isopan's experience, guaranteeing top-level performance. These results are achieved thanks to the latest generation polyurethane foams and mineral wools.

Thermal protection is essential to ensuring full comfort for the occupants, guaranteeing freshness in summer and the right amount of heat in winter: this leads to a significant reduction in the costs of air conditioning the rooms.

The ADDVision range offers sandwich panels with two types of insulating mass:

  1. Polyurethane foam: this boasts excellent levels of thermal insulation and has excellent sound-absorbing properties, required to reduce noise coming from outside;
  2. Rock mineral wool: adds a high rate of fire protection to the thermal and acoustic insulation, thanks to the natural fireproof properties of this material.

A key element underlying the excellent performance of ADDVision sandwich panels is the Leaf technology: a new generation insulation that ensures energy savings of 20% in combination with the use of eco-sustainable materials.

Modular and of great aesthetic impact: the architectural merits of ADDVision panels

The configuration of ADDVision products focuses entirely on the aesthetic result and every facade built with these panels will have a clean appearance, thanks to the concealed fastenings that do not expose even a screw on the building exterior.

The fastening system of the ADDVision range adapts to the stylistic needs of each design and can feature two configurations:

  1. Horizontal assembly: by installing the panels horizontally, the length of the panels will be exploited to emphasize the proportions of the building facade. In this way the structure will appear, in perspective, considerably wider;
  2. Vertical assembly: by mounting the panel structures vertically, the panel module will provide a visual effect and in this case the building will appear more elongated and slender.

The prefabrication of ADDVision panels makes them perfect for industrial and productive construction and their great modularity is supported by the availability of different sizes, with modules between 600 and 1100 mm and thicknesses between 40 and 200 mm.

In addition to the dimensions, it is possible to configure the product by choosing from all sorts of profiles, in order to give the facade a modern and elegant appearance:

  • Smooth profile: a clean line without any groove, to obtain panels with a flat and uniform surface;
  • DT profile: characterised by a single groove that longitudinally follows the centre of the module;
  • Pleated profile: characterised by a series of longitudinal micro-ribbing, close and regular over the entire panel;
  • Double R/O profile: here the panel features double profiling, the first with a series of thin and close micro-ribbing, the second softer and more sinusoidal;
  • Box profile: this variant is based on micro-slatted and uniform profiling over the entire panel;
  • Class profile: this profile features a very marked sinusoidal wavy shape.

Long-lasting steel and exclusive finishes for ADDVision panels

The customisation of ADDVision panels is based on the wide choice of external claddings. For these, only high-quality metal laminates from globally recognised manufacturers are used. 


Among these, Isopan has an important partnership with Tata Steel, a leading company in the steel market, with over a century of experience and included in the Fortune Global 500, an exclusive ranking of the largest companies in the world

The high standards in the selection of materials are one of the fundamental characteristics that allows Isopan to offer important guarantees regarding their resistance.

The claddings available for the ADDVision sandwich panel range are as follows:

  • HD pre-painted steel: an improved variant of the classic pre-painted steel cladding that uses a HD polyester base which offers greater resistance to deterioration and better colour yield over time;
  • HD Super polyester: this combines the performance of HD pre-painted steel with an additional finish with textured paints that give the structure a striking appearance. It also adds protection against UV rays and corrosion;
  • Colorcoat Prisma® by Tata Steel: made by the leading metal production company, this coating uses the Galvalloy alloy based on zinc and aluminium. It offers high protection against corrosion, even on the edges;
  • Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® by Tata Steel: designed to withstand severe environmental conditions, this coating can also be used inside swimming pools or other contexts requiring greater panel reliability;
  • Black Tech: featuring a particular finish inspired by carbon fibre, this coating adds a touch of modernity to both internal and external surfaces. Its advantages also include the 3D Texture which offers a pleasant and realistic tactile experience;
  • Natural Tech: a coating that is inspired by nature to ensure a modern look thanks to three-dimensional textures that recall natural materials such as wood or stone;
  • Clean Tech: an upgrade of the pre-painted metal coating that uses a transparent nanometric layer of titanium dioxide to ensure maximum hygiene. This finish does not trap dirt and can be washed quickly with a simple jet of water.
  • Urban Tech: based on the needs of urban structures, this triple layer paint is particularly resistant to all kinds of vandalism. It boasts excellent protection against spray paint typical of graffiti.

Quality guaranteed by Isopan: ADDVision certifications

All the products of the ADDVision range are manufactured according to the highest standards, it is no coincidence that all Isopan companies enjoy ISO 9001 certification

The sandwich panels are subjected to rigid test cycles according to the procedures established by international standards:

  • EN 
  • EN 12865:2003 and EN 14509:2006 – in terms of resistance to water infiltrations.
  • EN 12114:2000 and EN 14509:2006 + A.C.2008 – in terms of air permeability;
  • EN 14509 and EN 13501 – on fire protection and limiting the spread of fire.

ADDVision panels can also feature quality and sustainability certifications and labels:

  • FM Approved – an international certification that examines the performance of the panel in every area, from resistance to UV rays, to protection against hail, fire resistance and safety in the event of exceptional natural events, such as hurricanes. All these characteristics are assessed in all scenarios of use and the FM Global laboratories issue certification only to the most highly performing products;
  • EPD - ADDVision panels in polyurethane foam and rock wool have EPD certification, issued by the EPAQ association. This guarantees the use of green materials, certifying Isopan's commitment to environmental sustainability;
  • BREEAM - the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method establishes the healthiness level of a building according to the sustainability of the employed materials. ADDVision sandwich panels contribute to the BREEAM credits necessary for the final assessment of a structure.

The sandwich panels in question also bear the Declare label. Obtained thanks to the Leaf technology, it states that, at the end of a life cycle of about 40 years, Isopan panels can be reused by 85%. All thanks to the use of sustainable materials.

Complete the look of the building with ADDVision accessories

During the design phase, it is possible to embellish the facade by adding a series of accessories designed by Isopan to the ADDVision panels to maximise the aesthetic appearance of the building. 

A good example is provided by the Isoled lighting kits, which help highlight the beauty of the facades even at night. Isopan offers 4 variants of strips, all available with LED Flex Transparent or Flex Clear, with White and Single Color light:

  • High Frame Led - the Isoled Strip is installed on the upper profile of the facade, inside a press-bent profile fastened to the panels themselves;
  • Joint Led - in this case the Isoled Strips are mounted inside a profile placed on the vertical transverse joints between the panels;
  • Rac Led: a solution that features the Isoled Strip integrated in the corner wall fittings;
  • Ground Led - this variant involves a lighting system placed at the base of the building with directional light upwards or towards the ground.

Another accessory that helps choose the look of the facades made with ADDVision panels is the corner panel, which can be used to provide a solution of continuity to the corners of the structure, restoring a clean look.

Alternatively, you can opt for insulated fittings, which use an internal Polystyrene mass to ensure the insulating effect. 

Last, but not least, is the possibility of integrating extruded profiles between the fittings of the panels, adding an additional element of style.

Get in touch with us for more details on all of the ADDMIRA solution possibilities. We will help you assess the best solution for your project:


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Cesare Arvetti - Research & Development Department
Cesare Arvetti - Research & Development Department

Isopan expert with more than 10 years’ experience in the dry construction sector. Architect Cesare Arvetti supports leading architectural and design studios to identify the solutions that are best suited to the needs of individual projects.

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